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Rebel Sleep Institute is committed to helping reduce employees’ risk of preventable accidents, injuries, and sub-optimal performance. We aim to align our programs to relevant industry standards and evidence based best practices such as the NAFMP, the FMCSA, the Canadian Council of Motor Transport and the Canadian Thoracic Society.

Fatigue is a serious issue in the workplace that can impact both individuals and organizations. With the prevalence of fatigue in Canadian workplaces, it is important for organizations to take proactive steps to address the issue. Rebel Sleep Institute's Workplace Sleep and Fatigue Program offers a comprehensive solution for addressing workplace fatigue, including Sleep-Health Treatment Program, Wellness Fair Booth Support, Fatigue Risk Management Consultation, and Sleep and Fatigue Educational Solutions.

By prioritizing sleep health and fatigue management, Canadian organizations can create a safer, healthier, and more productive work environment for their employees. To learn more about our programs, check out our blog post titled Fatigue's Impact in the Workplace

Your needs. Your pace.

Our workplace products and services can spread and scale at your pace, and according to your needs. We offer ready to go and customized solutions allowing you to balance competing priorities.

Easy Integration

By using our systems based solutions we fit into your company culture and existing processes, not the other way around. We want your fatigue management processes to work long after we are gone.

Exceptional Quality

Our team works together to ensure our workplace offerings are client centred and evidence informed. Our approach is person centred and we don’t just wing it, we use valid and reliable evidence.

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Return on Investment

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), 43 per cent of employees admit they may be too tired to function safely at work.

We can help you determine the risks and potential return on Fatigue Risk Management Program efforts in your workplace.

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