US Spine & Sport Foundation

Rebel is pleased to announce their recent affiliation with the US Spine & Sport Foundation on the Regional Firefighter Wellness Initiative. The Regional Firefighter Wellness Initiative is funded in part by a FEMA US Department of Homeland Security grant. The US Spine & Sport Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to research and education, with a mission to develop, test, and implement strategies to improve quality of life and physical function. The Foundation’s recent accomplishments include innovative research in first responder injury prevention, patient-reported outcome measures, and spinal injury prevention and rehabilitation. 


Rebel Sleep Institute, a national leader in the treatment of sleepiness and fatigue, has been selected by the US Spine & Sport Foundation to participate in this wellness initiative by offering consulting services to over 500 firefighters to reduce their levels of sleepiness/fatigue in the workplace.

The purpose of this research study is to implement an intervention-based regional wellness program for career firefighters for the following three health conditions: obesity and cardiovascular disorders, low back injury and related musculoskeletal problems, and sleep disorders/problems. Due to the physical demands of the job and the health and safety risks associated, it is crucial to address these health concerns head-on!

This project’s scope fits perfectly with Rebels mission to help reduce employees’ risk of preventable accidents, injuries, and sub-optimal performance by addressing sleepiness/fatigue in the workplace. Rebel identifies why individuals are exhausted and provides comprehensive solutions to address their sleepiness/fatigue, which in turn promotes a safe and healthy workforce!

If you’re interested in learning more about this research project, or if you’re interested in how Rebel can help your organization with addressing sleepiness/fatigue in the workplace, please contact us today!